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Blacks Are The Real Children Of Israel


 Dedicated to a Paradigm Shift in the Reality of Black People in AMERICA.  Proving that Biblical Prophecy of the Children of Israel and The Fulfillers of the Abrahamic covenant are the Descendants of the TRANSATLANTIC SLAVE TRADE With Natives IN AMERICA. THE REAL CHILDREN OF ISRAEL. Our Black History , the Past, Current and Future of the Original People of the Asiatic Planet called Earth!!!! Who is our chosen Leadership and Why? Direction for the Future & Why?  Education for the Future & Why? SCRIPTURAL, HISTORICAL PROOF 

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 Blackism is the new narrative and cultural identity by which we will now control our own marketing and branding to the world. In the new millennium by using Blackism we will propagate the true historical record of Black People for the last 464 years. America was built on the backs of black and brown people, yet this still is not the home of the free for us, as we continue to be oppressed economically, mentally and physically. Blackism is branding that we will utilize to rewrite our history being sure to include our accomplishments, inventions and sacrifices that have been ignored when telling the story of America. We declare no longer do we intend to let our stories be told by others, from this day forward 

Blackism is the new narrative, and we are the authors. 

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What does Freedom look like for 60 million Original people in America? Any descendant of the america's system of oppression who truly seek to have Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness under inalienable rights that come naturally from the Creator.

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Black hole
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Black is not a color, Black is the essences from which all color comes from. Black is the Truth. Black is everyones beginning. Blackism is the healing in the world today.